For more than 20 years I collected photos of women that I liked, that caused me a stir, that touched me in some way. It was my way of being with them. The time has come for me to leave behind this fantastical way, and this is the work of my seperation.

These are most of the photos that I collected through the years. The first one is scanned, and the file had a date of April 2000. The photo is actually older, from some time in the 90s. I had chopped it off from a magazine. I started collecting photos before I was online, even before I had a computer, but almost all of these early ones are gone.

At the beginning and end of the presentation there are snapshots from the film The Best Offer (2013). In the film, the main character doesn't have any contact with real women and we can see that he has OCD (he touches everything with gloves) but he has a private collection of women paintings, in a secret room inside his house. A room without a window, behind a secret passage in a library. That is his way of being with women. When he wants to spend time with them, he goes into that room.

When I saw the film, that man reminded of me and I used him to show what this work is about.

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